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Tammie Roitman, EdS, CCHT

Group Facilitator

Tammie Roitman, EdS, CCHT

Tammie Roitman, Ed.S CCHT, is a School Psychologist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who provides services here at Hope Street. Her Hypnotherapy Group is grounded in holistic reflection to provide people with the inner strength they need to move forward and let go of the painful emotional obstacles and behavioral patterns that hold them back.

Tammie has an awe-inspiring career behind her, with over 16 years of experience working as a school psychologist and pioneering key thinking in psychology today. She was the co-author of the Clark County School District’s Suicide Protocol, which set the standards not only for CCSD but for the whole state of Nevada.

She has also co-authored The ADHD diagnostic, education and intervention protocol that set the standard for CCSD, and she was solely responsible for the conceptualization, planning, and implementation of CCSD’s Mental Health Transition Team, ensuring that every child discharged and transferred back from a psychiatric facility (locally and nationally) to their home school had an individualized transition plan that aimed for the student’s success. This ensured that the right accommodations were met and communicated clearly to school staff so that these students could successfully ease back into his or her educational routine.

Her journey as a Clinical Hypnotherapist began because of this same goal of helping at-risk children and adolescents with mental health conditions. This has led her to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and open her own private practice.

The benefits of one-on-one sessions were apparent, but she wanted to help more people and make her services more accessible, leading her to trial group sessions at a juvenile prison. The success she saw among the boys there was enough to convince her of the aptitude and value of group therapy sessions, which is why she moved on to offer her services at Ignite Treatment and now offers online group sessions to clients at Hope Street.

Group Hypnotherapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy helps people make the meaningful changes that they have been putting off for years, using their desire, not their fear, to undermine the negative messages instilled earlier in their lives and help them achieve their aspirations peacefully and clearly.

You will learn to let go of stress, gain better insight into your own thinking processes and behavior, build self-esteem, promote positive behaviors and lifestyle choices, and empower yourself. The structure of group therapy enables all participants to benefit from guided therapy and group support, growing personal strength, and improving interpersonal relationships with others.

Structured around a small zoom group of 10 participants, each session is geared towards achieving your individual goals and the structural requirements of the state. This combines a clinical approach with a personal, goal-oriented focus that helps each client feel better and be better.

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