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Shoshana Widitor, BS, BES

Writer and Marketer

Shoshana Widitor, BS, BES

Shoshana Widitor, BS, BES is an approachable and deeply compassionate person. She brings years of personal experience in the mental health field, as well as a Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Science to her writing. Additionally, her empathetic approach affects her marketing skills in ensuring that all who speak to her are received in a warm and compassionate manner. 

Shoshana’s experience as a Behavioral Technician cultivated her skills as a warm and goal-oriented team player. Her passion for mental health and belief in seeing all humans through a lens of magnificence brings depth to her writing. Additionally, she has experience in studying different spiritual systems and how they affect the mental, emotional, and physical well being of an individual. She has explored many different aspects of healing on her personal journey towards optimal wellness. This includes; Sound Healing, Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, 

Crystal Healing, Chakra Systems, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, 12 Step Programs, Movement Therapy, TFCB-T, CBT, DBT, Psychotherapy, Nutrition Wellness, Massage Therapy, and many others. These experiences inform her writing and ensure that her views are presented from a first-hand experience. 

Shoshana also served as a house manager for a Sober Living in California where she had the opportunity to see how different healing journeys impacted different personalities. Shoshana’s exploration of Astrology and Birth Charts help her understand how to interact with different personalities and understand that what works for one person may not work for another. 

Her goal at Hope Street is to ensure that she is using her skills to give a voice to the multidimensional perspectives that exist in this incredible space.

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