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Shana Rubelow

Program Development Director 

Shana Rubelow

Shana Rubelow works at Hope Street in the role of Program Development. It is with her careful guidance that all our therapists and coaches produce the wide range of programs we offer to all our clients. Her attention to detail, incredible people skills, and exceptional time management elevate every member of her team so that we at Hope Street can transform our program offering and client satisfaction every day.

Born in Scranton, PA into a big family — and later a resident of NY — Shana developed into a sociable young woman from an early age. With an easy-going nature and an emotional intelligence that far surpassed her years, she knew exactly what she wanted out of life and how to get it. This drive led her to dedicate her free time volunteering with special needs children.

A lover of the sun, Shana moved to Florida 11 years ago and has enjoyed the warm weather and seaside air ever since. It is here where she began her own family, and where she began her career in management and childcare development.

Shana also loves to meet new people and makes it her mission to help others in any way that she can. Now a mother of two adorable girls, she devotes her time to their happiness and well-being. Her maternal instincts, as well as her professional experience, have made her ideal to work in Program Development here at Hope Street.

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