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Samuel R. Harlib, BA, CCHT

Group Facilitator

Samuel R. Harlib, BA, CCHT

Samuel is a dedicated and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist here at Hope Street. His background, which started off with sport and football-focused dreams with a dedicated teamwork mentality, passionately developed into a committed career in helping others care for their mind, body, and spirit.

His sports background grew to place focus on coaching and support, showing Samuel’s growing dedication to supporting the person as a whole. Following a sporting injury that meant Samuel was no longer able to continue his dedication within a player capacity, Samuel instead turned his energy and attention to helping others and using his sporting knowledge and training to help the physical and emotional wellbeing of others in need.

Samuel’s work at Hypnotherapy Danaus Dynamics, LLC as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist meant that he learned the crucial skills necessary for supporting the individual as a person, as well as the essential skills for assisting said individual with all teamwork, team play and how to work with others compassionately and socially, such as is needed for team sports and team activities.

Samuel has used almost 20 years’ worth of experience working within high-intensity sports and youth coaching and transferred it to the application and importance of hypnotherapy.

Focused Management Skills
Samuel’s background includes working on teams and for team managers. His work throughout college included a dedication to helping high school athletes to focus both on their mental and physical training and development. Samuel understood from a young age the importance of mental training, and not just athletic performance. His work has been all about overcoming obstacles and barriers to aid athletes to avoid distractions and achieve everything they want to – inside and out.

The Importance of Emotional and Physical Wellbeing
Due to Samuel’s background, both as an athlete and working with athletes, he understands how imperative it is to not only take care of the physical body but the mind, too. Sport isn’t just about the game, but the individual person playing it. Sam has worked with athletes to help them understand and connect with the greatest power available to them – their true, inner selves.

Gaining Strength from Within
Sam has a deeper understanding of the balance of the emotional and physical self due to his experience on both sides. Physical strength and prowess will mean nothing if an individual’s personal and emotional state is not balanced and cared for. Sam’s work has been dedicated to eliminating those negative barriers and finding a true alignment of emotional and physical strength.

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