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Michael Stamler, Life Coach

Group Facilitator

Michael Stamler, Life Coach

Michael Stamler is a dedicated and committed life coach and educator with a proven ability to work with children, teens, and young adults from all walks of life. He guides the Wilderness Survival Skills Group: Nature is the World’s Best Classroom group here at Hope Street and uses a combination of clinical psychology and counseling alongside the wellness benefits of nature to promote health and wellbeing among his clients.

He has an ability and passion for turning difficult situations into opportunities to learn and have fun, and his enduring kindness and compassion, make him a valued member of our team here at Hope Street. As a team player, he uses his care and intuition to help his clients and team members with real dedication.

He comes to Hope Street with decades of experience working with youth and young adults who experience trauma, mental health and substance abuse. Having run a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the past, and experienced in co-occurring disorders and child psychology, he can help clients at their most vulnerable.

He is a teacher and an ABA therapist. Undaunted by challenging behavior, he persists with calmness and empathy that soon help even the most closed-off of clients open up and begin to heal. Flexible, able to think on his feet, and exceptional at customizing activities and sessions to suit his clients, his group therapy class is ideal for adolescents and adults alike.This success is due to a decade of experience pioneering and leading similar programs that have worked to improve teen behavior, self-confidence, and character development. He is capable of developing and implementing interactive programs that help clients solve their problems while ensuring that their emotional needs are met.

Wilderness Survival Skills Group: Nature is the World’s Best Classroom
The Wilderness Survival Skills group was developed and pioneered by Michael and combines impactful adventure activities with strong academic and therapeutic exercises. These exercises will expose and interrupt self-defeating behavior by fostering personal achievement and building both self-esteem and confidence. 

This class allows you to have fun and learn wilderness skills while you work on communication, goal setting, teamwork, problem-solving, and more powerful soft skills. It also opens the mind to much more than what is initially seen. You will learn to look for props and ways to utilize them in any given space, wilderness or indoors. See the world beyond what is there. A tree is not just a tree, but food, fire, and water – it is a treasure chest of nature.

You will enjoy this group either in an outdoor setting or by completing creative group challenges indoors. You will be informed ahead of time if you need to bring any additional equipment, so, for the most part, all you need to do is bring yourself and follow the guidance of Michael.

Learn how amazing you are by sharing in the lessons that the outdoors has to offer in a group therapy setting, and just see how far you can go.

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