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Lisa Saremi, Marriage and Family Therapist, Yoga Teacher 500 CYT + Therapist, & Transformation Coach

Health and Wellness Coach, Group Facilitator

Lisa Saremi, Marriage and Family Therapist, Yoga Teacher 500 CYT + Therapist, & Transformation Coach

Lisa Saremi is a Marriage and Family Therapist, Group Leader, Yoga Teacher 500 CYT, and Transformation Coach here at Hope Street. Her passion and love for the people around her is what drives her forward every day to discover new ways to enlightenment and bring her clients along with her to discovering themselves and empowering their bodies and minds to transform into their highest self.

She believes wholeheartedly that we all have a deep ancient inner wisdom that we can access to better our lives. Through inward meditation and self-reflection she believes we can all access this inner wisdom, and is committed to help all of her clients reach that stage of enlightenment and trust within themselves.

She is a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Reiki II Practitioner from Reiki Master Dr. Mikao Usui and Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods from some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.

She combines a spiritual and chakra healing approach with the body’s health and wellbeing to offer her clients a guided, balanced approach towards healthy living. Though she has years of experience as a yogi, health coach, and Reiki II Practitioner, she is always searching for new techniques and methods to help her clients, and attends David Wolfe conferences that bring in health and wellness experts from around the world and has completed several workshops to expand on her own journey and pave the way for others.

Inspired by her own transition into a more mindful, engaged life, Lisa works to provide her clients with the tools they need to live more intentionally and helps them to understand that in each transition we have an opportunity for transformation – that you can use the body’s energies and chakra system to realign your mind, body, and spirit and live better as a result.

She guides her clients towards wellness through a variety of modalities like nutrition, yoga, meditation, nutrition coaching, intuitive consulting, coaching, and energy work. This combined approach allows each of her clients to find their own journey towards enlightenment and calm.

Yoga Therapy Group
Deepen the understanding of yourself through a yogic journey that focuses on your physical and spiritual health. Through the power of Mindfulness and yoga, you will learn more about yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally and gain self-resources that will help you self-regulate and influence your varying emotional and behavioral states.

Yoga will be combined with self-reflection and guided meditation so that you may begin your own healing path. This online session is customized to suit the group’s skillset and goals for the day, enabling a personal approach towards self-reflection and enlightenment.

In this class, you will benefit from a therapist and yogi with over a decade of experience, and learn how to use Mindfulness and yoga to clear the mind, body and spirit. You will learn yoga philosophy, benefit from guided meditation, and work on breath work so that you can enjoy a transformative experience through the session and beyond.

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