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Eli Perlman, LCSW

Individual Therapist and Supervisor

Eli Perlman, LCSW

Eli Perlman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Supervisor here at Hope Street. His extensive background in working with others in a social and therapeutic capacity means his supervisory aptitude and skill set is second to none. Directing interns and Licensed Social Workers under his care, Eli works to provide both ongoing support and guidance to interns and LSWs, and individual therapy sessions for those looking to take control of their lives and find their empowerment.

Eli’s background combines analytical and administrative processes along with strong experience in counseling and support fields, offering a wide variety of emotional and lifestyle encouragement to those who need it most.

Providing Emotional Balance and Support
Eli’s work has included Advanced Emotional Focused Therapy for couples as well as Collaborative Couple’s Counselling, showing Eli’s dedication to finding an emotional and loving balance between individuals seeking guidance and support. Eli underwent additional training to pursue a skillset in this area, representing his passion for helping those in need of guidance during trying times.

Furthermore, Eli has actively supported students during some of the most demanding years of their lives. Working as a school therapist, providing a mentorship program, supplying dedicated student counseling, and taking it one step further by also supporting the parents of challenged youth, Eli has ensured that hindered, underprivileged, and unconfident young people have always had access to a guiding and compassionate hand.

Supervision of Interns and LSWs
Eli’s strong leadership skills, as well as his analytical mind, means that he can effectively lead those individuals seeking a career in Social Work. Leading the keenest minds in their dedication to helping and supporting others, Eli’s professional background is saturated with leadership, support, guidance, and care.

Individual Therapy
Individual therapy can be the gateway to freeing your mind and regaining balance and independence in your life. Therapy is a fundamental support option for those individuals who may be struggling with mental health issues, imbalance in their life, relationship breakdowns, or other personal circumstances.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Eli Perlman is dedicated to providing individual therapy tailored for the individual needs of the person he is working with. He can guide and process specific circumstances and help to overcome them.

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