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​Dassy Craimer

Administrative Assistant

Dassy Craimer is our wonderful Administrative Assistant who comes to us with years of experience in teaching, and administrative management. She is enthusiastic, dedicated, and a quick learner, able to not just assist but take charge of many of our administrative requirements that help Hope Street provide exceptional support to our clients. 

She uses her computer skills and BTEC National Diploma in Computers Level 3 to handle the wide variety of tasks as our administrative assistant, able to work quickly on a variety of essential software to support everyone on our team so they can do their absolute best.

She is an excellent team member and uses her expert communication skills to work well with everyone. From in-person to online to phone calls, her easy-going and kind nature makes her the perfect teacher and team member. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and uses careful listening and observation skills to help those around her grow and develop. 

She has a BTEC National Award in Children’s Learning and Development Level 3, attended the Manchester Seminary as extra-curricular coordinator, and received Teacher’s Training and Emergency First Aid training, providing her a well-rounded background that has enabled her to work in a variety of roles in schools, camps, and in administrative roles alike. 

She began her career as a Kitchen and Babysitter at SEED Kiruv Shabbatons, and after she received her certification, she moved on to teach customized swimming classes to her pupils. From there, she became a dorm counselor at BRC Seminary Gateshead, where she oversaw the day-to-day activities of camp members and worked with special needs children to ensure comfortable off-campus experiences. 

This led her to become a Nursery Teacher, and Primary School Teacher, where she taught Hebrew reading, lead group exercises, prepared the curriculum and evaluated the students’ development. Her experience working with children of multiple ages has made her a compassionate, caring team member that we are happy to have here at Hope Street. 

Her administrative experience dates back to 2016 when she worked as the Lechu V’Nelcha Coordinator, where she worked in advertising and communications, as well as organized outings, activities, and events. Since this time, she has been active in schools and administrative roles, always showcasing her keen eye for detail and dedication to others. 

She truly began to shine after she took up a job as the personal secretary and Program Manager for Rabbi Brezak. Here she perfected her secretarial duties, including networking and promotion, organizing teleconferences and workshops (as well as running them). Her exceptional performance managing the behind-the-scenes success of Rabbi Brezak has given her the tools to make her an ideal Administrative Assistant here at Hope Street. 

With advanced communication skills, an eye for detail, and of course, expert organizational skills, she will provide all of our team members and clients with the support and administration we need to help you heal. 

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