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Bayla Bollag

Office Administrator

Bayla Bollag is our amazing Office Administrator who tackles the day to day management of the office here at Hope Street. She works with all our clients and our team to get things done. She is one of the cornerstones here at Hope Street and provides ongoing support to our clients and our team. Her work is instrumental in allowing Hope Street to do the great work it does for all our clients.

She is organized, dedicated, and a hard worker above all else. Her calm and caring personality is a true benefit to everyone on our team and makes her such a great Office Administrator for our clients. Understanding at her core, and able to work well with clients of all ages from children to adults, Bayla is our own office hero.

With an NVQ Level 3 in Childcare (0-5 years), a Level 3 Diploma in Sen Support (NCFE), and several awards in ICT and IT skills, she makes for the perfect Office Administrator for our team. She combines her technical skills with compassion and understanding from her background in childcare and education to provide a comforting, reliable presence for our clients.

She comes to us with a rich history working with children and in administrative roles, having begun her career at Barnardo’s Center tutoring an 8-year-old who had learning differences. It is here where she learned patience, compassion, and began her path to us here at Hope Street.

Her first instance in an administrative setting began as a Teacher’s Assistant at Gateshead Primary, where she continued to develop her interpersonal skills and assisted with teachers and students to provide an overall great experience for the whole classroom. It is here where she learned to think on her feet, manage a busy day-to-day environment, and learn how to best accommodate the needs of others, making her the perfect fit as our Office Administrator. 

She then moved on to more traditional administrative roles, starting when she worked as a secretary in Haskel School, where she provided support and assistance for teachers and the Head Teacher to ensure the school worked efficiently and teachers had the documentation they needed. Then, before moving on to Hope Street, she worked for a UK firm where she perfected her administrative skills and research skills, making her the perfect fit to lead our administrative duties.

It is this combination of compassionate role and administrative work that makes her so effective on our team. She is one of the people who keep Hope Street running smoothly, effectively, and efficiently.

Hope Street would not be what it is without her. She provides the support and organization all our therapists and counselors need to provide each of our clients with the best experience. She is a key component to our team, who can always put a smile on your face. Kind, gentle, and capable, she will be one of the first people you meet at Hope Street and the go-to person for all our center’s needs and is a key player in keeping it running smoothly.  

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