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Yoga Therapy Group

Deepen the understanding of yourself through a yogic journey that focuses on your physical and spiritual health. Through the power of Mindfulness and yoga, you will learn more about yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally and gain self-resources that will help you self-regulate and influence your varying emotional and behavioral states.

Yoga will be combined with self-reflection and guided meditation so that you may begin your own healing path. This online session is customized to suit the group’s skillset and goals for the day, enabling a personal approach towards self-reflection and enlightenment.

In this class, you will benefit from a therapist and yogi with over a decade of experience, and learn how to use Mindfulness and yoga to clear the mind, body and spirit. You will learn yoga philosophy, benefit from guided meditation, and work on breath work so that you can enjoy a transformative experience through the session and beyond.

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