Psychodrama Group: Growth in Action - Hope Street Treatment

Psychodrama Group: Growth in Action

Using role-playing and action methods, group participants will have opportunities to develop new roles and new ways of communicating to increase spontaneity and creativity, to practice problem-solving and decision making, and to increase positive connections with others.

Group Goals:

1. To increase self-awareness and insight.
2. To practice and develop healthy communication skills.
3. To develop problem-solving skills.
4. To develop and reinforce healthy patterns of thinking and behavior.
5. To increase the experience of feeling supported and connected.
6. To express and release emotions in healthy ways.

Each session will include warm-up exercises and activities that are designed to draw out the concerns and needs of the group that day. A variety of drama exercises and activities, including techniques like role reversal and doubling will be used to help participants gain new insight and perspective, to feel supported, and to practice making new choices and communicating in new ways.

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