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Mind.Body.Spirit. Group

Elevate your appreciation of your body and accept yourself while you foster a loving relationship between your mind, body, and spirit. This course takes place online through zoom video chat and works to help you improve your relationship with your body from a place of compassion, empowerment, and innate wisdom.

With Mind.Body.Spirit., you will understand wellness on all 8 levels, and learn how to achieve them in your everyday life. You will learn about the mind-body-spirit connection, and how to use it to find the necessary balance in your life to facilitate positive change by achieving optimal physical health, emotion regulation, and a connection to your spirit.

Each class will practice mindfulness exercises, goal setting, and group discussions. Mashi works to promote a safe space for discussion so that clients can talk freely about their struggles and share their triumphs together.

Instill confidence in yourself and achieve wellness in all aspects of your life with the careful guidance of a wellness coach and yoga instructor. You will learn the principles of mindfulness, how to meditate, set micro-goals successfully, and properly regulate your emotions. With Mashi, you will leave feeling hopeful that you can implement change and achieve your goals and enjoy a renewed and closer relationship with your mind, body, and spirit.

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