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Healing Sounds, Healthy Rhythms

This class will showcase how to engage with music in ways that promote self-awareness, insight, emotional expression, healthy communication, stress reduction, and new patterns of thinking and behavior. Group members will support one another in discovering ways to utilize music as a resource for well-being through participation in experiences such as music listening and discussion, music-supported relaxation techniques, music improvisation, and songwriting.   

Group Goals:

1. To increase self-awareness and insight.
2. To develop healthy outlets for self-expression.
3. To practice and develop healthy communication skills.
4. To develop coping skills for managing stress.
5. To develop and reinforce healthy patterns of thinking and behavior.

Each week group members will actively engage in music listening, group discussion, and express themselves creatively. Though there is a topic for each week, each session is client-centered and focussed on providing the best experience for the group.

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