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Connecting Creatively – Part 2: The Sacral Chakra

Hello there,

Thank you for joining our journey of connecting in creative ways. In our last post, we discussed some of the importance of being able to connect to our emotional state of being, and explored the energetic Chakra that can block or release our creativity. Today we will bridge these topics in a way that may help us find our own personal flow of connecting creatively.

We spoke of the level of emotional security on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy, how knowing ways to shift our emotions can lead to a secure sense that no matter the feeling, we will get through it. We also discussed the Sacral Chakra that is our doorway into creative flow.

For those who seek emotional security, there are many avenues that can be explored. For today, I would like to focus on one creative outlet that I believe, and research backs, can enhance our emotional state. With this tool in our arsenal, we are one step closer to managing our emotional states and achieving emotional security.

Ok, so enough build up, what exactly am I proposing here? I will share my secret with you. It is the wonderful activity of DANCE! Yes, dancing is an emotional tool! Perhaps you have heard of Dance Movement Therapy or DMT, and while I am not going to get into the specifics of this therapy, I have linked a resource below for you academic types. In short, Dance Therapy has the benefits of enhancing cognitive skills, interpersonal skills, and even (Psycho-)Motor Skills.

My request to you, is that you explore how dancing can help you personally. Just turn up your favorite music in your home and move to it! You might be surprised how much better you feel afterwards. There is but one requirement, this must be a judgement free zone, no negative self-talk allowed. Don’t look in the mirror if that brings up too many thoughts for you. Just close your eyes and dance!! For anyone who is limited in their motor abilities, you can even just move to your own boundaries in sync with the music. The movements of the body, even opening and closing of the arms, can drastically shift the mind. Don’t take my word for it, just try it yourself.

So, you are trying out this new tool to shift your emotions, but you still feel blocked in some way. This can mean that your Sacral Chakra has some blockages. How do you release these blockages? There are many ways; including certain yoga poses, foods, and even scents that you can explore. However, remember how we said the requirement for the exercise was securing a judgement free zone? When we judge ourselves, we create an instant roadblock for our creative energies. Try a mental exercise before you begin to move. Just say, I am releasing all negative thoughts about myself and my abilities. I now let go of the desire to be perfect, to be anything besides what I am right now in this moment. I am free to simply be me!

With these statements in mind, start making simple movements and focus on the flow! You can wave your hands, shake your head, or just jump! Now see how your dancing changes.

Wishing you happy dancing!

Effects of Dance Movement Therapy and Dance on Health-Related Psychological Outcomes. A Meta-Analysis Update

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