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Our Story

It is the beginning of 2020. Our founders are looking forward to creating an in-person treatment center as our sister companies expand to the east coast. A pandemic hit. COVID-19 has locked us in our homes, and suddenly opening a new in-person treatment center is out of the question. Luckily, our founders are the people who look for the roses in the thorns. What is the next action when you cannot open a physical space? Make a decision to open a Virtual Space! Hope Street was born.

As Hope Street took off, our founder Mendi Baron, LCSW’s dream of providing help and hope to anyone and anywhere was realized. Our virtual location continues to afford us the ability to be able to help people from wherever they are. Do you have an intense work schedule? A family you need to be home for? Limited travel ability? We are here for you.

Being virtual came with the opportunity to have a wide variety of clinicians from all over the United States and to serve clients from across the nation. This gives us the ability to be available to a wider range of clientele and to offer a high quality of care.

Hope Street is now not only virtual! Hope Street has a location in New Jersey and a location in Nevada in the works. It is the dream and goal of Hope Street to create an in-person location in every state across the country, providing top-notch, compassionate and evidence-based treatment to all, wherever they may be.

At Hope Street, we fulfill our desire to truly help many people as we cater to the individual needs of all our clients. We are honored to have many different options for holistic treatments for the body, soul, spirit, and mind. We offer integrative treatment incorporating many therapeutic, expressive, and experiential roads to recovery. As we expand our team and client base, our horizons broaden infinitely.

We are here for you. We are a Community of Understanding and Support. Because you deserve connection. Because you are worthy of individualized care. Because all the layers of your being will thank you.

Mission Statement:

Hope Street is a space where brave souls in need of transformation come together to rebuild their lives on a solid foundation, one stone at a time.

Hope Street is a community of professionals who serve courageous individuals on a road to create a better life for themselves and those they love. Hope Street is a community of support enabling individuals to build safer and healthier lives, relationships and homes. Trusted neighbors who are there when needed, and who are willing to broaden their own horizons to create a cohesive and accepting community. Always with empathy, guidance, and care.

Our mission is to help each new neighbor build their dream life on Hope Streets in communities throughout the world. Some walls will come down, while others are rebuilt and repaired. Room by room, with intention, patience, and faith, ‘HOME’ becomes a safe place. Love, truth, and gratitude flow in through the newly opened windows and doors of their lives.

Hope Street heals.

Creating ChrySAlis Way:

Love, Connection, Sex, Addiction, Isolation. How do we break free from the cycles of isolation to find inner love and authentic connection?

Our Program Developer, Shana Rubelow, did a Webinar with Eli Nash and Faith Niece, MA, LMHC, LMFT, CSAT on practical steps for Freedom from Porn Addiction. They expected a small group to show up, yet, there were over 500 people who joined, and many watched the YouTube video recording afterward. Many people reached out about where to access help and while there are therapists who specialize in SA Addiction, many had no room for new clients.

Something needed to be done, and so ChrySAlis Way was formed. ChrySAlis Way is the Lovechild of our Clinical Coordinator, Faith Niece, MA, LMHC, LMFT, CSAT, Shana Rubelow, and CEO Mendi Baron, LCSW. There was now a way to fill the need that people were seeking. ChrySAlis Way, like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, evolved from a need. The need for skills and support can be filled by joining our Sexual Addiction and Love Addiction Track.


Authenticity – At Hope Street we follow through with what we offer. Here you will get what you see. Our motive is to offer help that you can trust.

Dedication – We are supportive and approachable. We are here to listen with compassion to client concerns and tailor the treatment plan to suit each individual’s unique needs. To help you with who you are and what you need.

Innovation – At Hope Street, we offer exceptional care and we are constantly evolving to ensure excellence and competency. Our trauma-informed treatment approach looks at the domino effects that reactions to trauma can have.

Integration – We believe that each person has many layers. Clinically, we look at the integrated person. The lenses of life and the layers of the past. When looking at core wounding in a client, we believe that anything less than nurturing can register as wounding within all our parts.

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